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Billet Aluminum Drive Hubs

                  Aluminum:                         Concentricity:                            Durability:

           The manufacturing of each drive      Our  drive  hubs  are  engineered     The  lightweight  design  and
           hub starts with the highest quality   for  each  engine  and  damper       strength  of  each  drive  hub
           domestic  billet  aluminum  bar      application to provide a true and     p r o m o t e s   r e l i a b i l i t y   a n d
           stock, precision machined using      concentric  drive  system.  The       performance  in  even  the  most
           our  state-of-the-art  CNC           correct  register  is  the  key  to   extreme  RPM  conditions.  Our
           machinery.                           ensure fitment and concentricity.      one  piece  drive  hubs  feature
                                                Whether  it  be  the  two  piece      internal threads at their base for
                                                design  of  the  1.0”  outside        the  mandrel’s  pulley  retaining
                                                diameter  mandrels  or  the           bolt,  allowing  the  use  of  the
                                                stronger  1-1/8”  diameter,  all      correct  standard  length  crank
                                                mandrels  incorporate  the            bolt  and  heavy  duty  washer  to
                                                standard 1/8” keyway.                 secure the damper, independent
                                                                                      .                         of the drive hub.
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