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          Radius Tooth HTD & Gilmer Crank Pulleys

                      Billet                          Unmatched                                Industry

                  Aluminum:                            Efficiency:                              Leading:

          Precision  CNC  machining  from       The design characteristics of our    Our company has been at the
          the highest quality domestic billet   radius  tooth  drive  pulleys  are   forefront of innovation, the first
          aluminum yields industry leading      unparalleled.  Reduced  belt         to produce radius tooth pulley
          Jones  radius  and  square  tooth     tension  along  with  the  smooth-   s y s t e m s   f o r   t h e   h i g h -
          pulleys.  The  proprietary  black     running  rounded  tooth  design      performance industry. Leading
          hardcoat is applied to maximize       minimizes  drag  and  wear.  We      the way in implementation and
          wear  resistance  and  overall        offer a comprehensive selection       evolution,  we  have  offered
          performance.                          of pulleys that will guarantee the   designs which are unmatched
                                                proper  sizing  for  complete  ratio   in  longevity,  performance  and
                                                control. Total optimization of the   strength. In our selection, five
                                                belt  drive  system  provides        d i ff e r e n t   p u l l e y   w i d t h s
                                                horsepower  savings  with  no        accommodate  the  same  five
                                                compromise in reliability.           choices  of  belt  width  options.
                                                                                     The choice of either the 1.0” or
                                                                                     1-1/8”  inside  diameter  both
                                                                                     with an 1/8” keyway slot or the
                                                                                     dual dowel pin style of pulleys
                                                                                     offer numerous fitment options.
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